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Cytotoxic and anticancer activity of Dionysia (new record in Iraq) using (HCS) and MTT assay

Assessment of the cytotoxicity and antitumor activity of the active component of Dionysia ancheri as new record plant in iraq was applying MTT and HCS assay of two different human cancer cell line including :- A549 and PC3 cell line.
Technology Benefits
A new plant records with less or no side effect on human lung adenocarcinoma and human prostatic carcinoma.
Technology Application
A novel plant and new records as anticancer plant.
Detailed Technology Description
Plant used was fractionated by column chromatography into many fractions.six parameters that monitor cell health were used including cell loss, nuclear size and morphology changes. DNA changes in cell membrane, integrity and cell permeability. mitochondrial membrane potential changes and cytochrome C localiation and released from mitochondria A549 and PC-3.

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