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Effect of purified resveratrol in Iraqon normal human lymphocyte culture.

“in vitro” immunemodulatory effects of different concentrations of resveratrol purified in Iraq(not commercial) on peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) proliferation and cytokine release.
Technology Benefits
Resveratrol present in Iraqi black grape fruit can be purified in Iraq with low cost and it is a good and safe source of immunomodulatory substances that can be used to enhance the immune system funcion
Technology Application
Drug discovery; immunomodulatory drug from natural sources
Detailed Technology Description
The current study showed an obvious effect of purified resveratrol, from grape skin grown in Iraq, on the (PBMC) culture and levels of interleukins in different manner and there is a down regulation in the growth of normal lymphocytes at different concentrations but in low changes compared to control, indicating that resveratrol organized, in some how, lymphocytes growth stimulated by cell division and their cytokines level. This results supported with interleukins levels evaluated after two and four hours of incubation, indicated that The (TH1 / TH2) ratio after lymphocytes treatment, pointed bias cellular immune response. In contrast to previous reports, we confirmed in this paper, that low dose of resveratrol had capability to enhance and boost the function of lymphocyte and could promote immune response and increase its ability to resist disease and fight abnormal cells in the body.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
Application No.
A61K36/87, A61K2236/30
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