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Local porcelanite stone and natural cow bone to protect low carbon steel from corrosion in oil medium

Using Ni-codeposition with additives represented by porcelanite powder, natural bone powder and nano alumina to improve the corrosion protection of steel storage tank at 60 oC through electrochemical measurements and the results indicated that the new coating mixture gave more effieciency.
Technology Benefits
Achieve a good corrosion protection for steel tanks in oil medium by applying new coating mixture with Ni deposition.
Technology Application
In oil refinery to protect steel structures.
Detailed Technology Description
Ni co-deposition with ceramic materials includes Porcelanite stone, nano alumina and natural cow bone has been investigated on carbon steel to estimate corrosion properties. Protection efficiency and porosity percentage values indicated that the addition of ceramic materials to Ni electroplating improve protection properties of steel surface in oil medium at 60oC. Porcelanite stone and natural bone added mainly magnesium to composition of coating as illustrated by XRD analysis through formation of Mg2Ni phase and other phases between Ni and P, Si and Al. The optical microscopy showed the low effect of oil medium on coated surfaces.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
Application No.
C09D1/04, F16L58/04
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