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New tretment for getting rid of drowsiness without sleeping

If we put citric acid with the Preservatives in droplets on the eye, we can raise the eye involuntarily. We get the( mini sleep) that removes the feeling of sleepiness
Technology Benefits
This compression factor is a new discovery for usthat was not noticed by the phallogists and that the electronic devices can take pictures for the sleeper to show the pressure of the compressor
Technology Application
A treatment that eliminates drowsiness by moving the eyes to thetop in a voluntary way or through a medicine that lifts the eyes in a non-voluntary way
Detailed Technology Description
We can do this in a pharmaceutical way by putting the eye to a drug that raises the eye in a non-voluntary way. The process will compensate for the lost sleep hours. Experiments have been conducted on this. We found that the acidic substances with(sorbic acid or ascorbic acid) or other are subject to change and are offered as medicines in pharmacies. Sleep is not accompanied by side effects

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