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Flexible Thin Film Pressure Sensor

Traditional tactile sensors are rigid, in fixed sizes and shapes, thus unable to meet the requirements in form factors, and shape conformability for many flexible devices. NAMI has developed flexible sensor that can be easily integrated with many products for continuous monitoring of pressure. The pressure-sensing component is a proprietary composite material sandwiched between two flexible substrates. The final sensor product can be designed as a single sensor to check pressure at a particular location or as a sensor array to monitor pressure distribution over a large area.
Technology Benefits
- Flexible, reliable and durable
- Wide and adjustable sensing range
- Customizable size and shape
- Simple fabrication and low cost
Technology Application
- Educational and toy products (paper piano and children's book, etc.)
- Healthcare products (smart mat and mattress, etc.)
- Sportswear and fitness gear
- Vehicular and pedestrian traffic counting

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