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Automated nonelectric toilet

An automatic, non-electric toilet which can automatically raises or lowers the toilet seat and automatically flushes and disinfects the toilet and the seat.
Technology Benefits
Automatic rise or fall of the toilet seat, automatic flushing, automatic disinfection, water curtain flushing can effectively reduce the odor, to prevent the spread of bacteria; simple structure, low cost, easy for promotion and application
Detailed Technology Description
Automatic non-electric toilet includes a toilet body, a water curtain spraying device, a water storage device which is able to move upward and downward, a disinfection device, a toilet seat and arm assemblies. The water curtain spraying device is provided on the toilet body; the water storage device, the disinfection device, the toilet seat and the arm assemblies are provided on the water curtain spraying device; each arm assembly has a first end connected with the water storage device and a second end connected with the toilet seat; the water storage device has a water tank, a base frame and a water tank frame; the water tank is provided on the water tank frame; the water tank frame is provided on the base frame and moves upward and downward relative to the base frame; and the disinfection device is provided at a bottom of the base frame. According to the present invention, when the water tank moves downward, a disinfectant bottle is pressed downward to release disinfectant; and the toilet has functions of automatic seat-lifting, automatic flushing and automatic disinfection.
Application Date
Application No.
E03D 5/04
Coverage Areas
Seats or Covers of Flushing Device

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