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A water sport equipment

Light weight and durable. Detachable structure design open up new possibilities for water sport equipment manufacturing
Technology Benefits
Product is light weight, durable, detachable. Easy to carry around, no worry over sporting use and transporting abuse, lower production cost. Transport and storage made easy.
Technology Application
Water sport equipment included SUP board, kite board, windsurfing board, surf board, wake board, snow board, kayak and small dinghy manufacturing
Detailed Technology Description
Hull is made directly out of EVA foam, which is lightweight, durable, has long life span, do not absorb water, flexible enough to cushion impacts, can withstand extended period threats from sea water, sunlight UV, cold or hot temperature, it is the ideal material for outdoor equipment. It is designed to be detachable, having the adventages of an inflatable board but far superior as it corrected the design deficiencies in inflatable baord. Complement the sport functionality weakness exist with soft EVA foam by means of reinforcing skeleton and deck. Deck serve the important function of securing functional components in place.
Application Date
Application No.
Coverage Areas
sport/water sport
Hong Kong

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