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Vehicle side wings anti collision system

[1]avoid vehicle side wings collision ,including all doors ,head wings , tail wings, all visible metal areas, keep all its functions normally

[2] power up the defense ability

[3]keep vehicle in its original appearance ,alike Native

[4]cover most kinds of autos

[5] hidden
Technology Benefits
[1]minimize the injury of humans,and cars

[2]conveniently replacement

[3]reduce the insurance/public reimbursement and service

Technology Application
apply to most vehicles,cars, vans, trucks, passenger cars, bus
Detailed Technology Description
Form a hidden collision panel on both sides of the car ,defense side-crash totally [including all visible side metal area]
Application Date
Application No.
B60R 19/42[2006.01]i
CN patent【201610204396.0】
Mainland China

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