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Wireless Synchronized Clock System

The synchronized clock system uses the open standard wireless communication protocol IEEE802.15.4 configured in mesh network topology. The mesh network topology allows up to 65,535 slave clocks in the network, with a typical open space communication distance of about 1600 meter. The master clock obtains the time data from the central Network Time Protocol (NTP) server and broadcast this as a beacon signal to synchronize all slave clocks. The clock system is supported by an intranet server which acts as a centralized controller for status monitoring, maintenance and inventory. The stand-alone Wi-Fi synchronized clock has an IEEE802.1b/g integrated module. It supports WEP, WPA and WPA2-PSK security mode, and incorporates a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) mode for easy configuration with home network.
Technology Benefits
To provide users with accurate time display
Technology Application
Synchronized time for all clocks in an organization or in a large-scale eventAutomatic time synchronization for home clocks
Detailed Technology Description
The master clock server for the mesh network synchronized clock system has the following functions and features:Periodically retrieve NTP time and transmit to slave clocksSelection of NTP sitesConsider transmission latency during time synchronization with each slaveAutomatic Real Time Clock oscillator calibration for slave clocksHosting of intranet website access for remote monitoring and maintenance of slave clocksManage a database which keeps track of information related to system settings, clocks, users and events loggingThe clock unit has the following functions and features:Bright digital displayWall flush mounting designBuilt-in Real Time ClockTime power backup for 3 daysAllows Real Time Clock oscillator calibrationSpecifications:Display: 2.3 inch 7-segment numeral displayPower Supply: 220Vac to 240VacAccuracy: ± approximately 200 millisecondsOperating Temperature: 0°C to 40°COperating Humidity: 90% max, non-condensingDimension: 330mm x 110mm x 45mm 
Application Date
ID No.

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