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Variable Automated Speed Sensing Treadmill (VASST) For Rehabilitating Stroke Patients

The Variable Automated Speed Sensing Treadmill (VASST) rehabilitation system is designed to provide safe and patient-adaptive training for stroke patients to regain normal walking gait and improve walking endurance. Such training will reduce the risk of falls and help regain better mobility and independence. The system is capable of operating at very slow speeds to match individual capability. It adapts to walking performance during training/exercise. Multiple sensors, safeguards and proprietary training algorithm makes the system effective and safe.  
Technology Benefits
Superior level of safety against falls during treadmill.Suitable for rehabilitating both chronic and sub-acute post-stroke patients.System is easy to use without complex training. 
Technology Application
This technology is applicable in the following industries:RehabilitationHelp post-stroke patients recover locomotor and walking function.Help stroke patients or cardiac patients rebuild endurance. WellnessBuild up fitness of senior individuals who are not able to use normal exercise treadmills due to increased fall risk or very slow walking speeds.
Detailed Technology Description
This technology consists of a multiple smart controllers (32-bit ARM microcontroller) with proprietary sensing and exercise algorithms. System features include:Starting speeds can be selected to match the slow speeds of post-stroke patients, including faltering and pause.Multiple sensors detect patient movements and adapts the training exercise to current performance.Physiotherapists may customize the training program to different patients.A safety harness protects patients against falls while exercising.Data records may be uploaded for filing and storage.
Application Date
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