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Smart Fetal Monitoring Belt

The newly developed fabric sensor pad can detect fetal movement automatically in a non-invasive manner. It is able to enhance fetal care by monitoring fetal health and screening abnormalities with quantitative measurements. The innovation of the wearable/waterproof/radiation free monitoring belt is featured by its unique soft sensor pad, control card and software. The belt provides robust data acquisition, processing and analysis safely, reliably, easily, freely, quickly and cost-effectively where has a unique selling point in the market.
Technology Benefits
- A new healthcare product is provided to enhance medical services and render cost more competitive for health and medical services.
- A new sensing technique which integrates sensing, textiles and information technologies is developed for the healthcare market.
- the innovation is able to enhance the competitiveness of the textile industry by offering new healthcare related products with excellent market potentials.
- Radiation free and no electromagnetic wave.
Application Date
1. 23/02/2016
2. 26/02/2016
Application No.
1. 201610099406.9
2. PCT/CN2016/074635
Coverage Areas
Health Care
Medical Care (Pregnancy)
Patent Information
1. Patent filed/China
2. Patent filed/PCT
Mainland China

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