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Development of An Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn

This project exploited triboelectric electrostatic theory to efficiently solve the existing spinning problem of chitosan fibre. By combining with the advantages of woven or knitted fabric in terms of structure capacities and layering system with properties such as elasticity, sustainability (durable for laundering) and comfort, is able to extend the application of chitosan fibre, especially to the healthcare market.
Technology Benefits
- Mechanical properties of the chitosan fibre can be maintained while the problems of roller winding and high wastage are solved. Production cost is competitive.
- Bio-functions of the chitosan fibre are maximised. Products made by chitosan fibre are useful in wound-healing, as an anti-bacterial barrier and for skin protection such as burn treatment and decubitus.
- It helps open up the market for multi-functional skin-protective textile system, developing more high-tech and high-value-added products.
Application Date
1. 24/02/2016
2. 29/02/2016
3. 14/03/2016
Application No.
1. 201610101160.4
2. PCT/CN2016/074833
3. 201610141033.7
Coverage Areas
Health Care
Machinery Parts
Textile Yarn & Fabric
Patent Information
1. Patent filed/China
2. Patent filed/PCT
3. Patent filed/China

Mainland China

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