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Compact device for generating single photons

Project is aimed at developing a technology to produce an on-chip single-photon generator, based on radiation emitted by NV color centers in diamond and using hyperbolic metamaterials (HMM) and nanoantennas. The Project Product is essentially a quantum generator to be used for generation of a controlled flow of single photons, which can find application in the new class of optoe-lectronic devices, including optical and quantum computers.
Technology Benefits
1. Improved output efficiency of the generator by two orders of magnitude, from 105 to 107 photons per second, as compared to the counterpart due to the use of a substrate made of a hyperbolic metamaterial;
2. Enhanced generation over the entire spectral bandwidth of NV-centers, which allows a multichannel data transmission system to be arranged in user devices;
3. Improved performance efficiency of the generator due to the use of nanoantennas which ensure highly efficient excitation of NV-centers;
4. An on-chip design of the whole generator unit, including the excitation system, which makes it integrable into novel optoelectronic devices and, in a future perspective, into optical and quantum computers;
5. The expected price of the commercial product reduced by two orders of magnitude compared to direct counterparts and approaching the price of indirect counterparts that are based on lower-level technologies as far as efficiency is concerned.
Technology Application
1. Quantum communication technologies (quantum cryptography, quantum and optical computers).
2. Equipment for nanodiagnostics (in particular, SPM).
3. Nanosensors and nanotransducers.
4. Lasers and other special-purpose light sources.

Detailed Technology Description
The main goal of the project is to study and create a source of single photons from individual quantum centers that should possess the following main advantages: (1) high efficiency, (2) nanometer spatial localization, and (3) narrow radiation directivity. The list of applications for practice of this source includes technologies of high-speed information transfer, storage, and processing, as well as of creation of new element base for optoelectronics.
The construction of the source of single photons is based on the use of the following main approaches.
1. Enhancement of the local radiation field by means of excitation of plasmon resonances in metal nanostructures;
2. Controlling the radiation (increasing the intensity, directivity, spectral composition) with the aid of hyperbolic metamaterials of the optical wavelength range;
3. Generation of single photons from individual NV centers in thin diamond films.
Application Date
Application No.
Patent Information
The essence of the invention comprises an apparatus for single photons generation​. The aparatus​ includes a waveguide, d​iamond structure with a color center coupled to the pumping system. The aparatus is highlighted by the fact that outer suface of the waveguide is covered by the metamaterial layer with a hyperbolic dispersion, with diamond structure above it.

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