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Aerodynamics, Microfluidics, and Flow Control (Ramot)

Flow Measurements in a Subsonic Wind Tunnel

The Aerodynamics Laboratory is a world-wide leading center in the field of flow control and measurements of unsteady complex flows.
The lab is equipped with five (5) wind tunnels, covering a large spectrum of sizes and velocity ranges. Some of the tunnels excel in a low turbulence level, which is the best experimental choice for measuring wing performances at low velocities (small Reynolds numbers).
Additionally, the lab supplies the following services:
- Measurement of forces and moments on two and three dimensional models.
- Characterization of velocity fields through flow visualization in smoke, "surface oil" and its measurements using seven-holes probe and particle image velocimetry (PIV).
The lab is staffed with skillful highly-motivated and scientifically experienced team, having expertise in the operation of the experimental system, hardware and software.
Experiments are tailor-made and can be initiated shortly after order
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