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A smartphone based psychiatrist-aid system to monitor and prevent recurring illnesses (Ramot)

Lifegraph enables early detection of disease deterioration in mental health patients,
using proprietary machine-learning algorithms applied to data collected from the
smartphone sensors.Improving lives of patients with mental disorders and decreasing the burden of disease on patients,
their families and society as a whole.
Type of Cooperation
Mental disorders are a leading cause for loss of productivity and hospital admissions, with 2 million
admissions and $45.3 billion spent on hospitalizations every year.
Currently, patient follow-up is based on face-to-face meetings which do not happen often enough,
thus do not enable early detection of mental disorder episodes. On-going, dynamic, follow-up is
crucial to improving outcomes, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and improving medication
Patent Information
US Patent Application No. 61/986,918: Method and system for behavioral monitoring.
Proprietary know how: behavioral features and machine learning algorithms that can detect patients’
life habits.
Lifegraph’s end-to-end platform is already working and is being used in Israel’s top hospitals by leading
psychiatrists that monitor and treat patients with affective disorders (i.e. bipolar, unipolar/depression
and schizo-affective disorders).
Our preliminary results approve that Lifegraph is sensitive to clinically significant changes in patient’s
behavioral and emotional condition. The platform enables early detection of deterioration
2-4 weeks before a new episode arises.
Sensing Mental Health
Further clinical trials are being planned these days in other domain areas like ADHD.
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