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A DNP-specific murine IgE monoclonal antibody (Yeda)

A DNP-specific murine IgE monoclonal antibody

Description: Hybridoma line producing large amounts of reaginic (IgE) anti-DNP monoclonal antibody (clone SPE-7), which was generated by the fusion of splenic lymphocytes from C57BL/6 mice and the NSI plasmacytoma cell line. The monoclonal reaginic antibody binds to mast cells or rat basophilic leukemia cells and, upon binding of DNP-protein, triggers an anaphylactic reaction.

Reference: Eshhar Z, Ofarim M, Waks T. 1980. Generation of hybridomas secreting murine reaginic antibodies of anti-DNP specificity. J Immunol 124(2):775-80.
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