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杰克船长:西方某神秘国度的船长—Captain Jack: a captain comes from the mysterious western country

这是个非常热情的家伙,可是热情的过分了,显得很不着调。他有点扭捏作态,老是喜欢翘着指头说:OH MY GOD!却常被误听成“哦卖糕的”,所以就被误认为是卖糕的。

He is a very enthusiastic man, but over enthusiastic, and looks a little bit unreliable.He is a mannered guy and likes to raise his little finger, saying "Oh my god", while often mistaken by other as "Oh, cakes selling"--the same pronunciation in Mandarin. So he is often mistaken to be a man selling cake.
Detailed Technology Description
Children animation (perfect combination of kungfu and worldwide food)
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Mainland China

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