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HEMS, Co-benefit type environmental consideration action support system and program

Energy management efficient for energy saving and the formation of reducing CO2 emission in a public welfare section (a home and business) is demanded. It is the eco-friendly action support system and program which perceived men's (a tenant, employee, etc.) life style and work style unlike former type HEMS or BEMS based on automatic control, such as lighting and air-conditioning. The algorithm which makes possible effective 'making to show' of providing information according to people's attributes (age, sex, etc.) and degree of execution easy or the acquired measurement data is held. It is possible to include in cooperation and existing products with smart meters etc.Stage of development: At usable level
Technology Benefits
The cooperation (example: Smartphones) with the existing product and integration (example: home security, a clock, toy, etc.) enable it to show a user environmental actions effectively. It is not premised on automatic control but has become a Diagnostic on condition of evoking 'personal awareness.' EMS of 'half-automatic and a half manual' which is excellent in cost-effectiveness can be built. It becomes easy to widespread also through a residence or minor office as a result.
Coverage Areas

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