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Environmental Improvement by Super Micro Organism Containing Textile

1. Quantum Energy Powder is made of natural ore containing SiO2. The ore is burned in 850 degree Celsius for 20 hours. This step is to change the cold and heavy properties of the ore. It is further ground and then matured and fermented with an enzyme. This material has healthcare such as improving immunity and inhibiting tumor cells as well as multi-functions such as warming, cooling, anti-bacteria, deodorization by VOC removal, absorbing electromagnetic wave, anti-flammability and is registered for Korea Patents. This novel original material with cutting-edge technology is proven to be alive at microorganism state experiment after sterilizing at 1,000 degree Celsius at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science which is called as KRISS and at 121 degree Celsius at Seoul National University.
2. Quantum Energy R Radiating Material Powder is a cutting-edge technology. It is a fused compound and exerts many functions when fused with other materials by a mutual energy catalyzing effect. Those functions are warming, cooling, removing unpleasant odors and VOC, absorbing electromagnetic waves ranging from low to high frequency waves, and has an excellent insulation and heat blocking effects. Endless applications by developments made in the fields such as worldwide textile industry, national defense industry, electronics, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, and especially in environment and technology against climate change are possible.
3. This material is proven by nationally approved testing institutes such as KRISS, Korea Testing and Research Institute that is KTR, and Korea Electromagnetic Research, which is called as KER, and is fused with textile material to make yarns. The functions of the textiles are proven by textile related test organizations such as SGS, BV, Korea textile Inspection and Testing Institute which is called as KOTITI, and Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute that is known as KATRI. This material is an excellent environmental technology registered in International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, INCI, and Personal Care Products Council, PCPC, as Quantum Energy R Radiating Material Powder in July 2012 and awarded a Gold Prize and a Special Prize at SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS GENEVE and awarded Semi-Grand Prize at Seoul International Invention Fair.Proven record of commercial useProject Record:
1. Test Reports
a. by SGS Test type: Deodorization
b. by BV Test Type: Anti-bacteria, Anti-flammability, UV-Shield, fast dry,
c. by Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute that is called as KATRI Test Type: Temperature control, Heat-Resistance of Padding d. by Korea Testing and Research called as KTR Test Type:
1. Neutralizing DMF that exists in PU
2. Received international Awards
a. 2010 Seoul International Invention Fair in January 2011
b. Gold Prize and Special Prize at 2010 SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS GENEVE in April 2010
c. Grand Prize from Korean Textile and Fashion from SamWooDang in June 2011
d. Fashion and Green Prize 2011 from World Fashion Development Program in November 2011 Garment and Beddings Products development and selling the products in Korean Domestic markets. Presented products at International Exhibition Shows such as Texworld, Magic Show, Heimtex, Techtextil etc. Developed various fabrics with Quantum Energy yarns and exported.
Technology Benefits
1. Quantum Textiles that are fused and combined with chemical PET, PBT, PP materials are developed. The strength and elongation scores are from 1.5 to 2 times better than the conventional natural textiles. They also have healthcare related multi-functions such as warming and cooling by 3 degree Celsius, promoting the immunity of patients, anti-bacteria, deodorization functions. The company exports the brand to and receiving twice more loyalty from 240 Korean brand companies and the United States, China, Japan, and Europe. Currently the textiles are applied to the uniforms of Korean National Team of Weight Lift and Korean National Team of Cycling. Also, the textiles are applied to brands such as Kolon, Cheil Industries Inc., K2, and DAKS of LG Group.
2. When Quantum Energy R Radiating Material Powder is fused and combined with other materials, it maximizes the original function of the substances to make eco-friendly and healthcare multi-functional products that uses the properties of neutralizing, removing, replacing, fermenting, and oxidizing properties of the materials. It develops technologies and the products related to carbon-reducing and energy-saving civil engineering, construction material and biology, chemistry, and biotechnology, agrichemical-free agricultural method, antibiotics-free feed production, pharmaceutics, and medicine. 13 patents, 11 international trademarks, and 14 Korean trademarks are registered for this technology.
3. Quantum Energy Healthcare and multi-functional Powder fused or combined textile manufacturing technology is a technology against climate change due to carbon emission. It is not attaching or coating technology but fusing technology that is evenly mixed with textile chemicals. The expected effects related to the climate change are as below. a. Winter Season: Warming effects by 3 to 6 degree Celsius resulting in 40,650,000 ton Carbon Dioxide Reducing effect 103,950,000 trees planting effects b. Summer Season: Cooling effects by 3 to 5 degree Celsius resulting in 34,650,000 ton Carbon Dioxide Reducing effect 103,950,000 trees planting effect c. Creating sustainable job effects: We can gain a new job creation effect and will lead a revolution in an organic microorganism science that has to change the conventional textbook. d. Less money and material are needed for medical check-up or treatment due to its healthcaring effects. Especially disposable medical material is used less. It will contribute to use less resources and will produce less wastes.
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