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Vision Screening System

Automated Vision Screening System for Children
Technology Benefits
Quick objective, accurate and reliable screen for early detection of visual deficits which significantly improves treayment outcome; Can test very young children – as young as 18 months old; Low cost & portable;No chin rests or discomfort; can be used by a non-expert-no training required
Technology Application
Vision Screening for young children and also fatigue

Application Date
Application No.
This technology is based on a reflexive pattern of eye movemnets called OKN, which can be uses to assess visual function.When the eyes detect a continously moving pattern, they will first track a feature of the pattern and then move rapidly in the opposite direction before reinstating the tracking movement. The charateristic movement profile will only occur, if the stimulus is seen by the subject. Therefore the presence or adsence of OKN indictaes the visibility of the visual stimulus. There is no objective method for quantifying OKN that is currently routinely in clinical or community settings.
New Zealand

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