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Fireproof, Smokeproof and Waterproof Module Stitching System

In view of the potential threats of fire accidents, a durable fireproof, smokeproof and waterproof module stitching system is required for module-to-module connection joints in MiC. NAMI has used advanced composite technology to develop a fireproof, smokeproof and waterproof system containing next-generation backing material, sealant and waterproofing coating.
Technology Benefits
- Brushable waterproof coating with over 400% fracture elongation and 50m water pressure resistance
- Durable sealant with over 700% elongation to accommodate ±50% module movement
- Over 800℃ fire resisting material
- Seamless – eliminates the possibility of joint failure through poor workmanship
- Easy to install and fits in corners - can fit into small spaces
- Excellent weathering resistance and superior waterproofing performance
Technology Application
- MiC: module-to-module connection joints, module to core wall connection joints, roof and fire water tank, etc.
- Building: celling, balcony, swimming pool, fire water tank, external wall, roof, roof garden, etc.
- Infrastructure: tunnels, bridges, underground buildings, etc.

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