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Anti-Pilling Plasma Treatment

Plasma treatment, a dry, pollution-free, effective and low cost treatment process, can be used to minimise pilling for wool and cashmere knitwears. By modifying the surface structure of fibres with argon plasma, the pilling grade is significantly improved. An industrial-scale plasma treatment system for knitwears, which is not available in the current market, has been developed. This plasma treatment system is not solely for minimising pilling, other functional treatments, such as water resistance, etc., can also be achieved with different operating gases.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
1) PRC Patent:
06-09-2013 (Application Date)
21-05-2014 (Grant Date)

2) PCT Patent:
09-07-2014 (Application Date)
Application No.
1) PRC Patent: 201320554427.7 (Application No.)
ZL201320554427.7 (Grant No.)

2) PCT Patent: PCT/CN2014/081871 (PCT Application No.)
Hong Kong

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