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Universal USB Power Supply with Intelligent Supply Voltage Regulations Application

IP Title
USB Power Supply
Nowadays, recharging mobile gadgets have become parts of our daily life. USB power supply is becoming an indispensable accessory for many gadgets, such as smartphone, tablet and digital camera. Yet, other mobile gadgets such as laptop computer are always bundled with a dedicated power supply unit. Many users end-up carrying several power supplies in their bags.

Targeting to relieve the carrying burden of users, this intelligent USB power supply not only recharges smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, but also laptop computers through an ordinary USB outlet. By using an intelligent detection and control algorithm, the voltage output of the intelligent power supply is regulated automatically to meet the voltage rating of the mobile gadgets. The firmware of this intelligent USB power supply can also be updated through the USB outlet so that power supply requirements for new mobile gadgets can be accommodated. The USB power supply can also provide power to passive loads such as mobile fans and portable lightings.
Technology Benefits
Suitable for powering various mobile electronic gadgets including laptop computer, smartphones and tablets, mobile fans, portable lightings, etc.
Simple USB design without requiring any user configurations
Support multiple USB dedicated charging port (DCP) standards
Automatic voltage regulation via intelligent firmware
Programmable firmware for future expansion and update
Safe operation mechanism incorporated for ordinary USB devices (e.g. Smartphone, Tablets)
Technology Application

Universal power supply for mobile electronic gadgets in home, office and automobile
Public facilities for gadget charging in airport, hotel, education institutions, (e.g. lecture theater), libraries, coffee shops
Offers extra-low voltage (ELV) distributions (maximum 20 Volt D. C.) for safe and simple installation in public area
Potential alternatives for traditional electrical wall outlets
Type of Cooperation
Commercially viable
Application Date
ID No.
Hong Kong

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