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The present invention relates to a two-way shape memory effect of a polymer composite material and its preparation, characterized in that the polymer composite material having shape memory polymeric material and active response to sticky and elastic material made of superposition; Polymer composite materials have way shape memory effect. The shape memory polymer composite recovery temperature range, you can choose different shape memory polymers get a different shape recovery temperature bidirectional shape memory function, while the deformation capacity, with good two-way shape memory function, and its bi- shape memory properties of shape memory polymers can be adjusted by the thickness of the thickness of the elastic material obtained; addition to the polymer composite corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation effect is good, light weight, easy processing, cheap; in the textile, machinery, health care, construction, toys and other fields have a wide range of potential applications.
Supplementary Information
Inventor: Li, Yi | Niu, DE | Hu, Jun-yan | Song, Qing-wen
Priority Number: CN2647352Y
IPC Current: A62B000710
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Title: Protective mouth mask | Protective mask
Usefulness: Protective mouth mask | Protective mask
Sub Category
Mainland China

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