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4-in-1 Multi-Functional (Water-, Oil-Repellent, Soil- and Wrinkle-Resistant) Finishing

4 in 1 multi-care finishing technology can realize the water/oil/soil repellency and wrinkle-free treatment of textiles in one step. Multi-care finishing is a new technology which introduces “elastic crosslinking” to the Lotus Nano repellent system. Elastic crosslinking can not only bring wrinkle-recovery function to the textiles, but also minimize the strength-loss. Moreover, crosslinking effect can remarkably improve the
wash fastness of Lotus Nano repellent functions to achieve excellent and durable multi-functional properties.
Technology Benefits
- Excellent water/oil/soil repellency and wrinkle-free treatment of textiles in one step, simple operation process and lower energy consumption.
- Durable treatment with excellent multi-care properties.
- Provide good wrinkle-recovery functions to the fabrics with ultralow strength-loss.
- Applicable to cellulosic fibers, such as cotton, linen, viscose and their intertextures, the treated fabrics have steady form, very soft handle and good breathability.
- Applicable to white textiles, can maintain the original shade and whiteness.
- A water-based environment friendly system, non-toxic, nonflammable, non-corrosive.
Technology Application
A dip-pad-cure process is preferable for the application of 4 in 1 multiprotective finishing agent with the following conditions for reference only: one dip and one pad with solution pick-up about 50-60%, then cured at 160。C for 1.5 min (if lightweight cotton) or 175。C for 1.5 min (if heavy cotton).
Detailed Technology Description
A non-exclusive licence covers the fabrication and application of Nanotechnology based 4 in 1 chemicals applied on textiles with water-, oil-repellent, soil resistant and wrinkle-free properties.
The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us.
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