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Real-Time Thermoacoustic Ultrasound Sensor

Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a miniature thermoacoustic sensor capable of measuring ultrasound intensity via direct coupling to a transducer. Designed to complement traditional ultrasound calibration equipment, such as radiation force balance and hydrophone, our sensor can be used to continuously measure low intensity (below 100Hz) ultrasound output in real time during industrial processes, to ensure accurate output. The sensor may provide process improvements for end users.

Low intensity ultrasound is rapidly growing in use and in a number of industries, including bioprocessing, enzyme activation, fermentation, water treatment and non-destructive material testing. Low intensity ultrasonication has been shown to provide cost-effective improvements in productivity, on a commercial scale, due to availability and improved energy efficiency of commercial scale transducers, low maintenance costs and process improvements; however; precision control of intensity is critical. Our real-time sensor may provide an important competitive advantage to manufacturers and users of low intensity ultrasound transducers.
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US20130265856A1
Application Number: US13858812A
Inventor: Choi, Michael | Chen, Jie
Priority Date: 8 Apr 2012
Priority Number: US20130265856A1
Application Date: 8 Apr 2013
Publication Date: 10 Oct 2013
IPC Current: H04R002300
US Class: 367140
Assignee Applicant: The Governers of the University of Alberta,Edmonton
Summary: Thermoacoustic ultrasound sensor for use in biomedical applications.
Novelty: Thermoacoustic ultrasound sensor for use in biomedical applications, has ultrasound sensor directly and acoustically coupled to transducer, and electronic processing unit connected to process signals from sensor
Sub Category
Medical Imaging
Application No.
US serial no. 13/858,812
ID No.

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