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Cartoon characters Momoking and Momoqueen are adorable and attractive, can be used on many products of different industries. With classic elements of the animations, we have by far developed seven series, i.e. China Style, World Style, Colorful Ring, Seal, Multi-expressions, Flowers and Little Artist, covering over 20 categories like apparel, bags & suitcases, stationery, food, beverage,toys, gifts and other products for children. There are over 500 kinds of products.
Detailed Technology Description
The Monkey King from five hundred years ago has brought happiness to almost all Chinese children and he had lit the passion and come to the dreams of numerous people, which make him an eternal legend in Chinese culture.

Today, a garment manufacturer, who has supplied beautiful and gorgeous garments to billions of children worldwide, creates a cartoon brand. Based on the industry and the splendid culture, we create quality cartoon works and derivatives with high standards and a global view. Let the world know that we can not only create excellent cartoon, but also, with the support of the group, can let Chinese kids enjoy the quality cartoon derivatives first.

MOMOKING, rooted in the profound Chinese wisdom and adapted from the Chinese classics “Journey to the West”, tries to find a way to combine tradition and fashion to appeal to the young, to break the old frame and to design a brand-new story. With a wonderful idea and an exciting story, we present the courage and goodness of Chinese people.
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Hong Kong, Europe, Africa, Asia
CHAN WONG Lai-wa Helen

Hong Kong

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