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Cyclodextrins (CD) are cyclic glucose polymers with usually six (alpha), seven (beta) or eight (gamma) glucose residues. They are shaped like doughnuts with a hydrophobic cores and hydrophilic exteriors. Hydrophobic residues from drug molecules can sit inside the cavity and form a complex which may have various uses. Throughout the last few years, interactions of drugs or bioactive components of herbs with cyclodextrins have been systematically explored by us at CityU. The bioavailability of both indomethacin, an antinflammatory drug and andrographolide, a bioactive components purified from the herb Andrographis, have been successfully improved via our molecular complexation technique.

Technology Application

•molecular encapsulation conditions have been established to produce the micro/nano-size medicinal    particulates suitable for use in the manufacture of parenteral or pulmonary pharmaceuticals
•the solubility, stability and bioavailability of bioactive components isolated from herbal substances could be    significantly enhanced
•his technique could also be applied to other industrial products that require a homogenous, stable and yet    controlled rate of release of substance for a particular function

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Hong Kong

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