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Methods For Enhancing the Production of Viral Vaccines in Cell Culture By Interferon Suppression

Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in animal cell culture are described. These methods rely on the manipulation of the cellular levels of certain interferon induced antiviral activities, in particular, cellular levels of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) dependent kinase (PKR) and 2'-5' oligoadenylate synthetase (2-5A synthetase). In cell cultures deficient for PKR or 2-5A synthetase, viral yield is enhanced by several orders of magnitude over cell cultures with normal levels of these proteins making these cell cultures useful for the production of viral vaccines.
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: AU199668608A
Application Number: AU199668608A
Inventor: Lau, Allan S.
Priority Date: 22 Aug 1995
Priority Number: AU199668608A
Application Date: 22 Aug 1996
Publication Date: 15 May 1997
IPC Current: C12N001509 | A61K003912 | A61K0039125 | A61K0039145 | A61K0039205 | C07K001447 | C07K0014555 | C12N000700 | C12N000701 | C12N000912 | C12N0015113 | C12N001519 | C12N001567 | C12P002102 | C12Q000118 | C12Q000170 | A61K003800 | C12R000191
Assignee Applicant: The Regents of the University of California
Title: Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in cell culture by interferon suppression
Usefulness: Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in cell culture by interferon suppression
Summary: USE The method can be used to determine the antiviral activity of a compound, by treating the above infected cell culture with the compound and calculating the yield of virus produced.Alternatively, a susceptible host cell culture may be infected with a virus, and a cell extract prepared from this. Then, an indicator cell culture, lacking protein kinase RNA-dependent (PKR) or 2'-5' oligo-adenylate (2-5A) synthetase activity, is exposed to the cell extract and the yield of virus is determined. The virus may be first treated with the compound, before being exposed to the indicator cell culture. The indicator culture may also be used to detect the presence of virus in a sample, and for the culture of viral pathogens (all claimed).
Novelty: New production of viral vaccines in cells by inhibiting interferon using cells lacking interferon-stimulated gene product, transcription regulators and factors; produces increased viral yield
Sub Category
Medical Composition
Hong Kong

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