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Method and Apparatus for Determining Flare on Foot and Shoe-Last用於確定腳和鞋楦彎度的方法和儀器

It is important to be able to determine the longitudinal curvature (flare) of a foot and a shoe (or the shoe-last) in order to match or fit a shoe to a foot. The present invention is a device to determine and quantify the longitudinal flare on a foot or a shoe-last using two methods.

A system is provided whereby the flare on a foot or a shoe-last is measured as the ratio of metatarsal distances from the heel centerline. If the foot-flare ratio is close to 1, it represents a high inward flare and a value close to 0 represents an outward foot flare. In the second approach, the foot or shoe-last flare can be quantified as an angular measurement. The invented device can be used to determine the two axes of the foot; the heel centerline, and the toe centerline, wherein the flare angle is defined as the angle measured between them. These two centerlines pass through the same point pternion at the rearfoot. The invented device can be used to measure any size of foot or shoe-last from US Child shoe size 6 to 13, US Men!|s shoe size 6 to 15, and US Women!|s shoe size 6 to 15.
Technology Benefits
1. Comfortable footwear can be easily selected or designed by accounting the foot flare measures on both the foot and the shoe.
2. Possible reduction of injuries due to conforming shapes and improved foot functioning due to improved fit between foot and shoe.
Technology Application
- Footwear manufacturers and retailers
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: CN101513292B
Application Number: CN200910006567A
Priority Date: 19 Feb 2008
Priority Number: CN101513292B
Application Date: 19 Feb 2009
Publication Date: 22 May 2013
IPC Current: A43D000102 | A43D000104
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Method and apparatus for determining camber on foot and shoe-last | Method and device for determining foot and shoe tree bend degree
Usefulness: Method and apparatus for determining camber on foot and shoe-last | Method and device for determining foot and shoe tree bend degree
Summary: Apparatus for determining flare of an object e.g. foot or shoe-last (all claimed).
Novelty: Object flare determining apparatus, has heel and toe center locating mechanisms determining head and toe centerlines extending from ends of object, and touch sensor determining flare of object by angle between centerlines
Sub Category
Application Date
19 Feb 2009
Application No.
Chinese 200910006567.9
Patent Information
Chinese ZL200910006567.9
ID No.
Hong Kong

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