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Method and System for Determining the Placement of RFID Antennas to Obtain a Readable Region for RFID Tags通過測定RFID天線位置來獲得RFID被動式標籤可讀區域的方法,

An apparatus and system for automatically placing of RFID antennas and method for obtaining a readable region for passive RFID Tags is disclosed. The Apparatus and System include a Portable and Adjustable Mounting Framework (PAMF) with built in chain belt for holding the RFID antennas, an Antenna Position Controller (APC) and Antenna Position Holder (APH) for control the movement of the antennas, a Moveable Object Platform (MOP) for carrying a number of RFID tags and a Computer Integrated System with Readable Region Analysis (RRA) software to capture the transmitted and received signal from/to the RFID reader. The height and width of the PAMF can be adjusted according to the application requirements. The PAMF consists of three poles; each pole can be attached with a RFID antenna. The Antenna can be moved along the PAMF by the attached computer controlled APH mechanism. The APC can command the APH in up/down or left/right direction movement as well as rotating the signal receiving surface of the antenna in different angles. A set of passive RFID tags can be moved around in a predefined region via the computerized MOP, which consists of sets of wheels moving in different directions.
Technology Benefits
1. Reduction in cost
2. Reduction in measuring time
3. Adaptive to different conditions
4. Reduction in manpower
Technology Application
- For use by RFID research laboratories, vendors and end users for automated support and analysis of RFID performance testing under real-life conditions
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7999676B2
Application Number: US2008140313A
Inventor: Cheung, Shing Chi | Ni, Lionel Ming Shuan
Priority Date: 20 Jun 2007
Priority Number: US7999676B2
Application Date: 17 Jun 2008
Publication Date: 16 Aug 2011
IPC Current: G08B001314
US Class: 3405721 | 235375 | 235382 | 235385 | 235432 | 235451 | 235492 | 3400104 | 34053913 | 3405724 | 3405728 | 343757 | 343766
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Method and system for determining the placement of RFID antennas to obtain a readable region for RFID tags
Usefulness: Method and system for determining the placement of RFID antennas to obtain a readable region for RFID tags
Summary: Portable and adjustable mounting framework (PAMF) for mounting RFID antenna used for supply chain management, identification of product or person, transportation and anti-counterfeiting of product.
Novelty: Portable and adjustable mounting framework for radio frequency identification antenna, has computer system that conducts analysis to provide feedback to controller which controls movement of antenna on framework
Sub Category
Application Date
17 Jun 2008
Application No.
US 12/140313
Patent Information
US 7999676
ID No.
Hong Kong

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