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Overvoltage Protection Materials and Process for Preparing Same

Transient high voltages can induce harmful currents and voltages in electronic circuits and electric equipment. Overvoltage protection materials and devices have been developed which aim to protect such electronic and electrical equipment from these transient high voltages. Conventional protection materials were produced by solvent processing method and polycondensation process method. However, the performance of the overvoltage protection devices are reduced due to the presence of solvent either as an added component of the reaction mixture, or as a by-product formed during the curing process. Therefore, an improved and convenient method for preparing overvoltage protection materials is needed.

The invention provides a novel process for preparing a new overvoltage protection material including preparing a mixture comprising a polymer binder precursor and a conductive material heating the mixture to cause reaction of the polymer binder precursor, and thus generating a polymer matrix having conductive material dispersed therein. The new process is a complete solvent-free methodology. The material produced using this method behaves like electrical insulators under normal operation, but switch to become conductors under high transient voltage. It also has a high degree of heat resistance.
Technology Benefits
1. Preparation procedure is very simple
2. Problems of currently available solvent methodology including high temperature, solvent evaporation are overcome
3. The process is cleaner
Technology Application
- Overvoltage protection material used on a wide range of circuit protection devices in the electronic industries
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7763185B2
Application Number: US2007624640A
Inventor: Chan, Chi-Ming | Ng, Kai-Mo | Wong, Catherine Yuen-Chien | Cheung, Ying Kit
Priority Date: 21 Oct 2002
Priority Number: US7763185B2
Application Date: 18 Jan 2007
Publication Date: 27 Jul 2010
IPC Current: H01C000700 | H01B000122 | H01C000710 | H01C000713 | H05K000102 | H05K000116
US Class: 252500 | 252502 | 252512 | 2525181 | 264104 | 338022R | 338022SD | 428447
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Overvoltage protection materials and process for preparing same
Usefulness: Overvoltage protection materials and process for preparing same
Summary: For circuit (claimed).
Novelty: Overvoltage protection device for circuit, has overvoltage protection material prepared by heating mixture containing polymer binder precursor(s) of preset property and conductive material
Sub Category
Circuit Design
Application Date
18 Jan 2007
Application No.
US 11/624640
Patent Information
US 7763185
ID No.
Hong Kong

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