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Method and System for Foot Shape Generation from Digital Images從數碼照片中建立三維立體足型數據的方法及系統

The present invention is a 3D foot shape generation system. It is based on digital photography and uses a foot shape from a database to generate the three-dimensional point cloud information of the required shape of foot for footwear designers and manufacturers to realize footwear customization at a low cost.

The system includes a standing platform, a camera station with four digital cameras installed and a personal computer to process the information. When the subject places one foot on the platform, the digital cameras can capture four digital images from different views.

A special calibration jig is also designed so that the software can convert the pixel information of the image into accurate dimensions. The software will also determine the foot profiles from the digital images and search a database for the "closest" foot shape(s). A mean foot shape is then generated from those "similar" foot shapes and modified to fit the foot profiles of the subject. The modified foot shape thereafter be outputted as a three-dimensional point cloud for further processing such as for the generation of a shoe last. This type of system is relatively cheap and easy to operate and will be ideal in a retail setting. Less sophisticated systems have appeared in shoe retail stores in HK.
Technology Benefits
1. Custom fit !V the measured dimensions will allow to select the closest fitting shoe easily
2. Possible reduction of injuries due to conforming shapes and improved foot functioning due to improved fit between foot and shoe
3. The system can be extended for other applications such as clothing
Technology Application
- For use by footwear manufacturer and retailers; the invention allows:
(a) foot measurements to be determined using a non-contact method
(b) complete foot shape to be generated based on a few digital images
- For use by footwear researchers to determine foot anthropometry
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: CN101352277B
Application Number: CN200810131533A
Inventor: DENG, Ying-guang | OU, Yan-li | GUINETILKE, R S
Priority Date: 16 Jul 2007
Priority Number: CN101352277B
Application Date: 16 Jul 2008
Publication Date: 6 Feb 2013
IPC Current: A43D000102 | G06T000100
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Method and system for forming feet shape | Method and system for generating footstep shapes.
Usefulness: Method and system for forming feet shape | Method and system for generating footstep shapes.
Summary: Method for generating three dimensional footstep shape for manufacturing shoe.
Novelty: Three dimensional footstep shape generating method for manufacturing shoe, involves capturing photos of multiple pictures of footstep, and generating three dimensional footstep shapes for shot footstep based on chosen footstep shapes
Sub Category
Application Date
16 Jul 2008
Application No.
Chinese 200810131533.8
Patent Information
Chinese ZL200810131533.8
ID No.
Hong Kong

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