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Efficient Rate Allocation for Multi-Resolution Coding of Data

JPEG2000, a newly developed international standard for still image compression. It can provide superior objective and subjective image quality and can reduce file size by 40% compared with JPEG while retaining the same visual quality.

Rate control or rate allocation is of great necessity to control the birate of image/video coding. A new and useful rate control scheme for JPEG2000 image coding, namely Successive Bit-plane Rate Allocation(SBRA), that can reduce the computation and memory requirement significantly, is highly suitable for real-time low-delay applications such as digital cameras. The proposed scheme uses only the currently available rate-distortion information to control the birate instead of using rate-distortion of whole image and can obtain an image quality close to the optimal truncation. Without the need of future rate-distortion slope information, the proposed casual scheme can be done in real-time with minimal delay such that part of the data can be sent out during the encoding process. This is very useful especially for the progressive transmission in JPEG2000 without long delay. JPEG2000 is the main application for the proposed fast rate control scheme. However, it can also be applied to any other multi-resolution image/video coding system.
Technology Benefits
1. It can be done sequentially resulting in effectively zero delay
2. Easy algorithm and thus low computation complexity with essentially zero memory requirement
Technology Application
- Digital cameras, digital camcorders, PDAs, multimedia-enabled cellular phones (2.5G, 3G and beyond), wireless LAN devices, bluetooth applications, webservers, internet applications, scanners, remote sensing, etc.
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7970224B2
Application Number: US2009638225A
Inventor: Yeung, Yick Ming | Au, Oscar Chi-Lim
Priority Date: 3 Mar 2003
Priority Number: US7970224B2
Application Date: 15 Dec 2009
Publication Date: 28 Jun 2011
IPC Current: G06K000936 | G06K000946 | H04N000726
US Class: 382239 | 382232 | 382234 | 382240
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Efficient rate allocation for multi-resolution coding of data
Usefulness: Efficient rate allocation for multi-resolution coding of data
Summary: Method for allocating and controlling rate of a JPEG2000 image.
Novelty: Rate allocation and control method for JPEG2000 image, involves terminating examining, encoding, and reducing collections of coefficients in response to determination that total amount of bits is higher than target bit rate
Sub Category
Image Processing
Application Date
15 Dec 2009
Application No.
US 12/638225
Patent Information
US 7970224
ID No.
Hong Kong

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