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A Technology of Metal-Induced Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon and Metal-Gettering非晶硅的金屬誘導結晶技術

Metal induced crystallization (MIC) is a promising technology for obtaining poly-Si based thin-film transistors (TFTs). It is conventionally a 'one-step process' that does not have the possibility to remove any metal elements during the crystallization hear-treatment. As a consequence, large amount of metal elements are accumulated and affect the quality of poly-Si formed and the performance of the devices.

This invention is the introduction of an in-situ technique to remove a controlled amount of metal elements during the crystallization heat treatment process. Removal of metal elements is done by introducing an a-Si thin film, prior to the crystallization heat treatment. A sufficient amount of metal elements is added to nucleate MIC and simultaneously remove some of the metal elements during the subsequent crystallization heat treatment. The quality of the resulting poly-Si is therefore improved and the amount of residual metal elements is reduced. The present invention allows large-area MIC with reduced metal contamination, reduced effects of glass shrinkage on pattern definition, improved device performance while retaining the advantage of a reduced process time.
Technology Benefits
1. Reduced metal contamination
2. Better device performance
3. Shorter process time
4. Large-area crystallization
5. Reduced pattern distortion
Technology Application
- Flat-panel liquid-crystal displays
- 3G mobile phone displays
- PDA displays
- Computer Displays
- Sensors
- 3-dimensional integrated circuits
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US9210451B2
Application Number: US13111786A
Inventor: Zhou, Yipeng | Fu, Zhengjia | Chiu, Dah Ming
Priority Date: 19 May 2011
Priority Number: US9210451B2
Application Date: 19 May 2011
Publication Date: 8 Dec 2015
IPC Current: H04N002163 | H04N0021218 | H04N0021231 | H04N0021239 | H04L002908
Assignee Applicant: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Title: Replication decision in P2P VoD systems
Usefulness: Replication decision in P2P VoD systems
Novelty: System for making replication decision in peer-to-peer video-on-demand (P2P VoD) architecture, has server which determines whether one of videos is to be replaced with other video according to information and replication indicators
Sub Category
Application Date
23 Apr 2008
Application No.
Hong Kong 08104517.8
Patent Information
Hong Kong HK1117641
ID No.
Hong Kong

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