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Apparatus and Method of Optical Imaging for Medical Diagnosis診斷早期子宮頸癌的光學成像器械及方法

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. The motivation of this invention comes from the fact that the currently standard diagnosis methods, Pap smear and colposcopy, produce poor diagnostic accuracy and are not cost-effective. The primary goals of this invention are

(1) to improve the accuracy of noninvasive diagnosis of early cervical cancer and
(2) to significantly reduce the cost of cervical cancer diagnosis.

In this invention, a novel 3-D optical imaging system based on active stereo vision and motion tracking is developed to track the motion of patient and to register the time-sequenced images of cervix recorded during the examination. This technology can quantify the acetic acid induced optical signals associated with early cancer development at cervix. The imaging system can be easily integrated with a standard commercial colposcope for the diagnosis of early cervical cancer.

The results of a preliminary clinical study of 65 patients at the Prince of Wales Hospital demonstrate that the accuracy to differentiate pre-cancerous cervical tissue from normal tissue can be significantly increased. In particular, the new technology does not require extensive training to operate and holds the potential to develop a fully automated system for accurate diagnosis of early cervical cancer.
Technology Benefits
1. Does not require special training of operation
2. Higher accuracy
3. Lower cost
Technology Application
- For accurate diagnosis of early cervical cancer
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8334900B2
Application Number: US2009506028A
Inventor: Qu, Jianan | Wu, Tao
Priority Date: 21 Jul 2008
Priority Number: US8334900B2
Application Date: 20 Jul 2009
Publication Date: 18 Dec 2012
IPC Current: A61B000104
US Class: 348068 | 382128
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Apparatus and method of optical imaging for medical diagnosis
Usefulness: Apparatus and method of optical imaging for medical diagnosis
Summary: Three-dimensional optical imaging system for performing optical imaging during a medical diagnosis such as colposcopy and endoscopy for earlier detection of cervical cancers. Can also be used for examinations of skin, oral cavities, and precancerous of internal organs such as the esophagus.
Novelty: Three-dimensional optical imaging system for performing optical imaging during e.g. colposcopy, has generating unit generating quantitative measurement of acetic acid-induced change of portion of object
Sub Category
Medical Imaging
Application Date
20 Jul 2009
Application No.
US 12/506028
Patent Information
US 8334900
ID No.
Hong Kong

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