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RFID Tag and Antenna带电磁禁带材料的射频电子标签

A RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag with an electromagnetic band gap substrate is introduced to improve the performance of the RFID tag. The electromagnetic band gap substrate acts as a reflector to reflect electromagnetic wave emitted from RFID antenna. This reflected phase of electromagnetic band gap substrate is different from 180˚ which is used to enhance the radiation efficiency of antenna. Because of this property, the read range of the tag is longer than traditional tags. The electromagnetic band gap substrate is also a good insulator which insulates the tag from objects at backside. This property makes the tag be read on everything.
Technology Benefits
1. Low cost
2. High performance
3. Can be read on everything
Technology Application
- Electronic manufacturing companies and RFID tag manufacturers can directly benefit from this invention
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7612676B2
Application Number: US2007859294A
Inventor: Yuen, Matthew Ming Fai | Gao, Bo | Murch, Ross David | Cheng, Chi Ho
Priority Date: 5 Dec 2006
Priority Number: US7612676B2
Application Date: 21 Sep 2007
Publication Date: 3 Nov 2009
IPC Current: G08B001314
US Class: 3405727 | 3405721 | 3405728
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: RFID tag and antenna
Usefulness: RFID tag and antenna
Summary: Radio frequency identification tag e.g. active radio frequency identification tag and passive Radio frequency identification tag, for use with an antenna system (claimed) i.e. dipole type antenna system, for tracking a conductive object e.g. metal tin, metallic container, metallic can and foil wrapped object, and for use in item identification application and retail management application.
Novelty: Radio frequency identification tag e.g. active radio frequency identification tag, for tracking e.g. metal tin, has substrate with reflection phase different from one hundred and eighty degree at operation frequency of antenna
Sub Category
Application Date
21 Sep 2007
Application No.
US 11/859294
Patent Information
US 7612676
ID No.
Hong Kong

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