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Constructing Planar and Three-Dimensional Microstructures with PDMS-Based Conducting Composite PDMS 為基體導電複合材料製備的平面及三維微結構

This invention presents the fabrication of conductive microstructures embedded in polydimethylsioxane (PDMS) bulk material. The conducting composites are synthesized by mixing nano to micro-sized conductive particles with PDMS gel. Results show that such materials exhibit good electrical conductivity and mechanical reliability, as well as desirable thermal characteristics.

By using this type of composites, the methodology for constructing planar and three-dimensional conducting microstructures by soft-lithographic technique has been developed. Some realistic applications of PDMS-based conducting microstructures are presented in this invention.

The methodologies of constructing the electrodes, conducting stripes, two and three-dimensional microstructure in wiring connections, and micro-heaters are demonstrated, all with elastic flexibility and fall-proof characteristics of the overall structure, while maintaining their functionalities. In particular, the electrically conducting wirings can be as small as 10 microns, and the heater stripes can be as small as 25 microns, with the local temperature raised to as high as 250 ˚C. Results obtained are very promising for the utilization of such composites in future micro-fabrications, especially for the future bio-chips.
Technology Benefits
1. Easy to fabricate
2. Bio-compatible
3. Mass production can be achieved
4. Cheaper than other similar materials
Technology Application
- Flexible electronic micro-fabrications
- Bio-microchip fabrications, chemical micro-reactor
- Telecommunication devices
- Three-dimensional electronic packaging
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8243358B2
Application Number: US2007905794A
Inventor: Wen, Weijia | Sheng, Ping | Niu, Xize | Liu, Liyu
Priority Date: 24 Nov 2006
Priority Number: US8243358B2
Application Date: 4 Oct 2007
Publication Date: 14 Aug 2012
IPC Current: G02F000101
US Class: 359288
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Constructing planar and three-dimensional microstructures with PDMS-based conducting composite
Usefulness: Constructing planar and three-dimensional microstructures with PDMS-based conducting composite
Summary: (I) is useful as a rod array, a multilayer wiring co-junction, or a cross bridge. (I) is useful in micro-heater, or device, thermal array and a thermally activated display (all claimed). (I) is useful for electrical wiring connections, micro heaters, micro heater arrays, flexible thermochromic displays. (I) is useful in micro fluidic devices.
Novelty: Fabricated planar structure and/or three-dimensional structure, useful e.g. as a rod array, a multilayer wiring co-junction, or a cross bridge, comprises at least one polydimethylsiloxane-based conducting composite
Sub Category
Optical Element
Application Date
4 Oct 2007
Application No.
US 11/905794
Patent Information
US 8243358
ID No.
Hong Kong

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