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Electrically Tunable Microresonators Using Photoaligned Liquid Crystals使用光學配向液晶為覆層的電可調微諧振器

This invention discloses an alternative approach of electrically tuning silicon-based waveguide-coupled microresonators that employs photoaligned liquid crystals as cladding layers.

Planar optical microresonators that partially confine light and support sharp optical resonances have long been demonstrated as integrated optic filter, multiplexers and demultiplexers for wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) communications, and as wavelength-agile components for non-communications applications such as biochemical sensing. Conventionally, much of the planar optical microresonator-based passive and active devices have been demonstrated in II-V compound semiconductor materials. However, these photonic and optoelectronic devices are not readily compatible with mainstream silicon microelectronics, and thus cannot readily leverage from the industry.

The use of photoaligned liquid crystals as cladding layers provides better control over liquid crystal alignment and hence enhancing the cladding refractive index tuning range.
Technology Benefits
1. Better control the liquid crystal alignment
2. Lower production cost
3. Allow massive production
4. Enhancing the cladding refractive index tuning range
Technology Application
- Field of electrooptic switches for wavelength-selective routing of wave-guided light
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7783144B2
Application Number: US2007739367A
Inventor: Chigrinov, Vladimir G. | Zhou, Linjie | Muravsky, Alexander A. | Poon, Andrew Wing On
Priority Date: 24 Apr 2006
Priority Number: US7783144B2
Application Date: 24 Apr 2007
Publication Date: 24 Aug 2010
IPC Current: G02B000626 | G02B000642
US Class: 385030 | 385015
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Electrically tunable microresonators using photoaligned liquid crystals
Usefulness: Electrically tunable microresonators using photoaligned liquid crystals
Summary: As an optical device (e.g. optical switch, optical filter, optical modulators and optical light sources), and particularly as silicon-based microresonator devices useful in silicon microelectronics industry.
Novelty: Optical device e.g. optical switch, comprises a photoalignment layer formed on a resonator coupled with waveguide; and a liquid crystal formed on the photoalignment layer
Sub Category
Application Date
24 Apr 2007
Application No.
US 11/739367
Patent Information
US 7783144
ID No.
Hong Kong

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