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Non-Blocking Destination-Based Routing Networks無阻擋英特綱的設計

Internet Protocol (IP) networks are originally designed to support a best-effort service. It does not guarantee reliable and timely delivered packets. As IP networks mature and are increasingly being used to support real-time applications, such as voice and video on the IP platform, the existing IP networks demand an improvement in providing a new level of quality of service (QoS) for such new applications to solve the traffic congestions on the Internet.

In this invention, it relates to the methods for building non-blocking destination-based routing network such as Internet. It is about the techniques for maintaining the hard QoS of the developing Internet. It applied a new computation algorithm and a load-distribution scheme for making a hop-by-hop routing network (such as Internet) non-blocking. They determine the paths of the hop-by-hop routing network and also the ingress and egress traffic constraints at the network edge. Therefore, the traffic entering and leaving the network does not exceed the constraints, none of the internal links will ever have traversing traffic more than its link capacity. The network is thus non-blocking internally. This greatly simplifies flow admission control and allows hard QoS to be supported inside the network.
Technology Benefits
1. Higher quality of service (QoS) of the developing Internet
2. Good router and network planning tools
Technology Application
- Routers, network planning tools
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US20050089895A1
Application Number: US2004917195A
Inventor: Cheung, Siu | Fan, Sheung
Priority Date: 13 Aug 2003
Priority Number: US20050089895A1
Application Date: 12 Aug 2004
Publication Date: 28 Apr 2005
IPC Current: C07H002100 | C12Q000168
US Class: 435005 | 435006 | 43500613 | 5360254
Title: Compositions and methods for prognosis and therapy of liver cancer
Usefulness: Compositions and methods for prognosis and therapy of liver cancer
Summary: The methods and compositions of the present invention are useful for determining likelihood of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), determining the likelihood of death from HCC, and determining whether to administer adjuvant therapy to a subject afflicted with HCC (claimed).
Novelty: Composition useful for determining the likelihood of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the likelihood of death from HCC, and whether to administer adjuvant therapy to a subject afflicted with HCC, comprises polynucleotide probes
Sub Category
Application Date
2 Nov 2006
Application No.
US 11/556165
Patent Information
US 7898957
ID No.
Hong Kong

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