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Three-Dimensional H-Fractal Bandgap Materials and Antennas三維"H"分形帶隙材料

Photonic band gap (PBG) materials are those periodic composites that possess spectral gaps in the frequency spectrum, in which electromagnetic waves cannot propagate in any direction within the material. Conventional PBG are based on Bragg scattering which limits the size of PBG structures for low-frequency applications.

This invention relates to novel three-dimensional (3D) band gap composite material having band gap properties and in particular to such materials in which at least one of the components is formed with 3D H-fractal configurations. 3D fractal can shield much longer electromagnetic (EM) wavelength to generate sub-wavelength stop band gaps with much smaller structure dimension due to its much longer metallic line compared to 1D or 2D structures.

By injecting high-frequency current into the 3D H-fractal, microwave radiation can be obtained at frequency much lower than the dipole or planar H-fractal antennas. Thus, it can be used for constructing the sub-wavelength antennas with high efficiency. The radiating frequency can be further lowered when the metallic 3D fractal is embedded in a high dielectric constant material.

The invention can be widely used in telecommunication area such as sub-wavelength shielding of EM wave. RF and microwave radiation device such as GPS and wireless communication system, etc.
Technology Benefits
1. Reduce the EM wave shielding device size
2. More efficient device
3. Smaller and efficient antennas can be made
Technology Application
- Telecommunication area such as sub-wavelenth shielding of electromagnetic (EM) waves
- Radio-frequency (RF) and microwave radiation device
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7482994B2
Application Number: US2006398474A
Inventor: Wen, Weijia | Sheng, Ping | Hou, Bo
Priority Date: 5 Apr 2006
Priority Number: US7482994B2
Application Date: 5 Apr 2006
Publication Date: 27 Jan 2009
IPC Current: H01Q001502
US Class: 343909 | 343700MS
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Three-dimensional H-fractal bandgap materials and antennas
Usefulness: Three-dimensional H-fractal bandgap materials and antennas
Summary: For constructing sub-wavelength three-dimensional fractal antenna (claimed), and dipole antenna.
Novelty: Three-dimensional band-gap composite material for constructing sub-wavelength three-dimensional fractal antenna, has H-fractal structure whose dimensions and number of levels are selected to define fixed transmission band-gap
Sub Category
Application Date
5 Apr 2006
Application No.
US 11/398474
Patent Information
US 7482994
ID No.
Hong Kong

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