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Environment Sensor and Conjugated Polyene for Manufacturing Environment Sensors多烯荧光分子的荧光色行为及其应用

Vehicles and factories produce a lot of air pollutant everyday. Environmental sensors for hazardous substances in the air such volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gaining its importance in this modern society.

In this invention, a series of new linear and cyclic pi-conjugated organic compounds (polyenes) with different chromophores are designed. These different compounds emits highly luminescent with their emitted light ranging from blue to red. Once these compounds are exposed to VOCs, the luminescence effect is switched off. On removal of the VOCs, light emission is restored in these compounds. Therefore, the sensor device is reusable.

In conventional design, the presence of VOCs only shows a color shift from dark red to light red. This is not visibly clear for human eye. However, the new design with the sensor showing an on-off change in the luminescent color rather than a color shift, just like turning on and the light, makes it more user-friendly and minimizes potential confusion.

The materials used in this new design are easy accessible and processable polyene compounds, and not expensive transition metals. Also, these polyenes can have various applications other than in the sensor.
Technology Benefits
1. Stable and reusable
2. Highly sensitive
3. Cheap manufacturing materials
4. Easily prepared and processed into a device
Technology Application
- Different kinds of environmental sensors, in particular for the detection of VOCs
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8263018B2
Application Number: US2006408846A
Inventor: Tang, Ben Zhong | Haeussler, Matthias | Dong, Yongqiang | Tong, Hui
Priority Date: 22 Apr 2005
Priority Number: US8263018B2
Application Date: 21 Apr 2006
Publication Date: 11 Sep 2012
IPC Current: G01N003352 | G01N002100 | C08F022012 | C12Q000168 | G01N003353
US Class: 422401 | 422052 | 4220681 | 422400 | 4350061 | 4350071 | 4350072 | 436164 | 436172 | 5263291
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Environment sensor and conjugated polyene for manufacturing environment sensors
Usefulness: Environment sensor and conjugated polyene for manufacturing environment sensors
Summary: As detecting molecule for detecting target molecule (volatile organic compound, biomolecule, explosive or mixture of organic solvent and water) in environment and manufacture of environment sensor (both claimed) used for sensing environmental hazardous substances such as volatile organic compounds and for improving quality control in food, beverage and fragrance, assessment of odor sources in wastewater, livestock and landfill, and industrial bioprocessing.
Novelty: Novel conjugated polyene used as detecting molecule for detecting target molecule in environment and manufacture of environmental sensor
Sub Category
Circuit Design
Application Date
21 Apr 2006
Application No.
US 11/408846
Patent Information
US 8263018
ID No.
Hong Kong

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