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Frequency Compensation Based on Dual Signal Paths for Voltage-Mode Switching Regulators

The state-of-the-art voltage regulator often experiences fast and large change in load as the powerful digital processor is widely being used. The voltage regulator has to have fast load transient response to maintain integrity of supply voltage. Moreover, it is desirable to have high power conversion efficiency to increase battery life in portable applications; and to have small form factor to fit in the limited physical space in today's portable devices. The best way to achieve all these requirements is to integrate the whole voltage regulator in the form of integrated circuits and optimize its bandwidth and power efficiency. Frequency compensator is needed to maintain stability of the regulator; but it is often the main obstacle for integration as many large passive components are required and high power consumption is usually needed for high bandwidth. The invention is a frequency compensation methodology that facilitates the design of a small and power-efficient compensator on-chip. It achieves this by making use of both signal paths into the controlling device, instead of the conventional way of using only one path. It maintains the similarly fast load transient response as the conventional approach while higher efficiency, smaller area and lower cost are achieved.
Technology Benefits
1. The invention facilitates integrating the whole frequency compensation circuit on-chip and reduces the power consumption of it.

2. The invention is better than present technologies since it is a methodology that makes use of both signal paths on-chip. Thus, more design options are made possible to optimize the design of the whole compensator.
Technology Application
- For use in any commercial device that requires power supplies, especially when either fast transient response, low-cost or high power conversion efficiency is needed.
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8217637B2
Application Number: US2008346185A
Inventor: Tsui, Yip Sum | Wu, Ying | Mok, Kwok Tai Philip
Priority Date: 7 Jan 2008
Priority Number: US8217637B2
Application Date: 30 Dec 2008
Publication Date: 10 Jul 2012
IPC Current: G05F000100
US Class: 323282
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Frequency compensation based on dual signal paths for voltage-mode switching regulators
Usefulness: Frequency compensation based on dual signal paths for voltage-mode switching regulators
Summary: Voltage-mode switching regulator such as type-III compensated voltage-mode buck regulator e.g. pseudo-type III compensated voltage-mode buck regulator, for a portable device.
Novelty: Voltage-mode switching regulator e.g. pseudo-type III compensated voltage-mode buck regulator, for portable device, has bandpass filter receiving signal indicative of regulator output as input and providing single-ended output
Sub Category
Circuit Design
Application Date
30 Dec 2008
Application No.
US 12/346185
Patent Information
US 8217637
ID No.
Hong Kong

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