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Wireless Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Network Integration無線基礎設施及自組織網絡集成

Wireless networks have been widely deployed in recent years to provide high-speed Internet access to mobile users. In traditional IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs, all users directly connect to an access point (AP) and all packets are forwarded by the AP. This leads to limited coverage, low load-balancing capability and hence throughput.

In this invention, an infrastructure-based IEEE 802.11 wireless network architecture, which has been widely deployed for broadband access, is introduced so as to achieve high availability and high throughput for multimedia access. Such architecture, termed WIANI (Wireless Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc Network Integration), allows mobile users connect to APs through multiple hops and so autonomously forms local groups for communication. Furthermore, the users may take advantage of the ad hoc connections to forward local data and hence alleviating the traffic load through the AP and increasing the network capacity. In traditional WLAN, a node must be located within the coverage area of some AP to receive wireless services. WIANI extends the coverage area by ad-hoc connections, which reduces the APs required to provide wireless services in the same area, and deployment cost thus reduces.

Using simulation, we show that our protocol improves system throughput and reduce packet delivery delay.
Technology Benefits
1. Extended wireless coverage and reduced deployment cost
2. Enhanced performance
3. Better balanced for the traffic load
Technology Application
- Ubiquitous broadband Internet access
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7808960B1
Application Number: US2007753864A
Inventor: Chan, Shueng Han Gary | Chen, Jiancong | Wong, Chi Fai | Li, Shenjie
Priority Date: 25 May 2006
Priority Number: US7808960B1
Application Date: 25 May 2007
Publication Date: 5 Oct 2010
IPC Current: H04W000400
US Class: 370338 | 370310 | 370328 | 455507
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Wireless infrastructure and ad hoc network integration
Usefulness: Wireless infrastructure and ad hoc network integration
Summary: Method for integrating wireless infrastructure and ad hoc network conforming to IEEE 802.11 , IEEE 802.11b for use in home, cafe and office.
Novelty: Method for integrating wireless infrastructure and ad hoc network for use in e.g. office, involves updating list of node devices in zone of access point based on received reply message
Sub Category
Application Date
25 May 2007
Application No.
US 11/753864
Patent Information
US 7808960
ID No.
Hong Kong

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