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Polysilicon Material and Semiconductor Devices Formed Therefrom

The present invention relates to a novel polysilicon material, novel polysilicon based electronic devices, and the fabrication methods therefore. In particular, the invention relates to a novel metal induced lateral crystallization polysilicon (MILC poly-Si) fabrication technique that may be employed in a wide range of semiconductor devices. After MILC, re-crystallization is performed at high temperature in an inert ambient. Significant improvement in material quality results from the thermal treatment. High temperature re-crystallized MILC poly-Si can be applied to (i) devices for sensors, and (ii) TFTs for flat panel displays (FPDs) and 3-dimensional integrated circuits.
Technology Benefits
1. Realization of integrated sensor and non-transmissive display systems on inexpensive bulk poly-Si or other high-temperature compatible substrates using the significantly improved material and device quality of re-crystallized MILC poly-Si
2. Low-cost batch process
3. Better quality poly-Si thin films can be obtained
4. Limits processing temperature
5. No special requirement on the surface planarity of the underlying oxide
6. Sensors with higher sensitivity, lower temperature instability
7. TFTs with improved electrical properties
Technology Application
- Most poly-Si-based sensors
- Transmissive flat panel displays (FPDs) on quartz
- Other high-temperature compatible transparent substrate
- Non-transmissive displays on poly-Si
- Other high-temperature compatible opaque substrate
- Integrated sensors
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US6953716B2
Application Number: US2003740537A
Inventor: Wong, Man | Kwok, Hoi Sing | Meng, Zhiguo | Wang, Mingxiang
Priority Date: 1 May 2000
Priority Number: US6953716B2
Application Date: 22 Dec 2003
Publication Date: 11 Oct 2005
IPC Current: H01L002100 | H01L002104 | H01L002120 | H01L0021324 | H01L002136
US Class: 438166 | 257E21133 | 438486 | 438487
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Polysilicon material and semiconductor devices formed therefrom
Usefulness: Polysilicon material and semiconductor devices formed therefrom
Summary: For forming metal induced lateral crystallization polysilicon material useful in semiconductor device, e.g. resistors, piezo-resistors, thermistor, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, photo detectors, infrared sensors, or transistors (all claimed) useful in complementary MOS electronic circuit.
Novelty: Forming metal induced lateral crystallization polysilicon material for semiconductor device, e.g. resistors, involves further heat-treating metal induced lateral crystallization polysilicon material at second temperature
Sub Category
Circuit Design
Application Date
22 Dec 2003
Application No.
US 10/740537
Patent Information
US 6953716
ID No.
Hong Kong

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