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Anode for Organic Light Emitting Diode有機發光二極管之陽極

Organic electroluminescent or organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices are light emitting devices that are based on the passage of current through one or multiple organic thin layers. This invention proposed a new method of treatment of the transparent conducting anode layer which will therefore improve hole injection efficiency and liftetime of OLED.

A new method of surface treatment of anode layer has been invented. This special treatment can enhance hole injection, improve light emission efficiency and improve operational reliability. This method can provide better carrier injection, resulting in better device performance, such as low driving voltage, high power efficiency, high stability and extended lifetime of the OLED displays. It can also work with a number of anode materials, in particular indium tin oxide (ITO), the most common anode material.

Much work has been devoted to the optimization of the device structure in terms of the thicknesses of the various layers, in synthesizing new materials that are more efficient in transporting the carriers and in generating light emission, and in the cathode and anode layers.
Technology Benefits
1. Higher power efficiency
2. Lower voltage threshold
3. Improved device operation stability
4. Extended lifetime of the OLED displays
5. Higher current efficiency
6. Compatible with a number of anode materials
Technology Application
- Cell phone displays
- Small OLED panels
- Flat Panel Displays
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7402947B2
Application Number: US2005219747A
Inventor: Kwok, Hoi Sing | Wong, Man | Peng, Hua-Jun | Xie, Shuang
Priority Date: 8 Sep 2004
Priority Number: US7402947B2
Application Date: 7 Sep 2005
Publication Date: 22 Jul 2008
IPC Current: H01J000162
US Class: 313504 | 313509
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Anode for organic light emitting diode
Usefulness: Anode for organic light emitting diode
Summary: Organic electroluminescent device such as organic light emitting diode used in flat panel display.
Novelty: Organic electroluminescent device used in flat panel display, has anode conducting layer on which modification layer is formed, by exposing plasma containing metal fluoride compound for specific period
Sub Category
Application Date
7 Sep 2005
Application No.
US 11/219747
Patent Information
US 7402947
ID No.
Hong Kong

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