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Transflective Liquid Crystal Display透反式液晶顯示

This invention is related to a method of formation of nanoporous titania films. These films are useful in electrochromic displays, catalysis and as electrodes in battery and fuel cells.
Technology Benefits
1. High brightness
Technology Application
- For use in mobil displays
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8120735B2
Application Number: US2008331954A
Inventor: Kwok, Hoi Sing | Chigrinov, Vladimir Grigorievich
Priority Date: 10 Dec 2007
Priority Number: US8120735B2
Application Date: 10 Dec 2008
Publication Date: 21 Feb 2012
IPC Current: G02F00011335 | G02F00011343
US Class: 349114 | 257E21002
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Transflective liquid crystal display
Usefulness: Transflective liquid crystal display
Summary: Transflective liquid crystal display for use in an electronic product e.g. mobile device.
Novelty: Transflective liquid crystal display for use in e.g. mobile device, has alignment layers for sub-pixels, with alignment directions being different on one side of liquid crystal layer and same on other side of liquid crystal layer
Sub Category
Application Date
10 Dec 2008
Application No.
US 12/331954
Patent Information
US 8120735
ID No.
Hong Kong

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Mobile Device