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Lithium-Ion Battery Incorporating Carbon Nanostructure Materials納米結構碳為負極材料的二次鋰離子電池

At present, graphite is a commonly used negative electrode material in the commercial graphite based second lithium ion batteries. The theoretical graphite carbon can have a specific capacity of 372 mAh/g, corresponding to an intercalation ratio of lithium to carbon 1:6 (LiC6.). However, such capacity cannot catch up with the increasing market demand in the high energy density power supplies for the portable electronics.

In this invention, the capacity of the battery is greatly enhanced by a novel composition of nano-structured carbons as an active material for the negative electrode of secondary lithium ion batteries. The battery has a higher reversible capacity in the range of 400 to 800 mAh/g which can be maintained over a longer cycle lifetime. The carbon nanostructures may be mixed with graphite to improve conductivity. The carbon nanostructures may also be synthesized using an AFI template material followed by calcinations.

The invention can be used in providing high energy supply for portable electronics such as mobile phones, notebook computers and electric vehicles.
Technology Benefits
1. Higher energy capacity
2. Longer cycle lifetime
3. Higher reversible efficiency
4. Electrochemical ability is enhanced
5. Novel
Technology Application
- Power suppliers for portable electronics- such as mobile phones and notebook computers
- Power suppliers for electric vehicles/ hybrid electric vehicles
- Manufacturers and users of lithium ion battery
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: CN1747218B
Application Number: CN200510098621A
Inventor: J. Miao | J. Zhai | Qi Liang | Che T. Chan | Zikang Tang | Ning Wang | Ping Sheng
Priority Date: 3 Sep 2004
Priority Number: CN1747218B
Application Date: 5 Sep 2005
Publication Date: 9 Jun 2010
IPC Current: B82B000100 | B82B000300 | C01B003102 | H01M000458 | H01M0004587 | H01M00100525 | H01M001036
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Lithium-ion battery incorporating carbon nanostructure materials | Lithium ion battery combined with carbon nanometer structure material
Usefulness: Lithium-ion battery incorporating carbon nanostructure materials | Lithium ion battery combined with carbon nanometer structure material
Summary: For forming carbon nanostructures used in lithium-ion battery application.
Novelty: Formation of carbon nanostructures for lithium-ion battery application, by synthesizing microporous template material with crystals, and heating the crystals in the presence of inert gas or mixture of inert gas and carbon-containing gas
Sub Category
Medical Imaging
Application Date
5 Sep 2005
Application No.
Chinese 200510098621.9
Patent Information
Chinese ZL200510098621.9
ID No.
Hong Kong

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