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Free-Forming One-Way Network

The Free-forming One-way Network (FON) is a system of one-way or single-channel communication network utilizing electromagnetic radiation signals of a fixed single or narrow-band frequency in free air space. It consists of a plurality of transmitters and a central receiver in which each message is encoded in a wave train and is tagged with a sender identity. The central receiver, which can be a single unit or a plurality of units connected in cascade, detects the messages in the free air space and sends them along to a central processing unit (CPU) for message handling.

Such a one-way network is useful for recording group responses to a prompt such as an action, a question, or a stimulus; particularly in those gatherings that require the completion of the registration of all responses in a time span of the order of minutes.

Many communication network systems have been proposed previously. They are mostly wired and more expensive to implement due to the installation costs of electrical wires and optical fiber cables. Also, they are difficult to transport. Other wireless systems that use multi-channel communications are restrictive in use, complicated and costly. However, single-channel communication ones does not allow networked operations.
Technology Benefits
1. High mobility
2. Single-channel network system
3. Personalized transmitters
4. Time saving
5. Low production cost
Technology Application
- Recording of group responses, e.g. voting at a convention or in a meeting of corporate shareholders, bidding in an auction
- Personalized transmitters for university students for use in classes, or for staff use
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US6289222B1
Application Number: US1997895043A
Inventor: Cue, Nelson | Lee, Che Kin | Tam, Wing Yim
Priority Date: 16 Jul 1997
Priority Number: US6289222B1
Application Date: 16 Jul 1997
Publication Date: 11 Sep 2001
IPC Current: G06K001700 | H04L001256
US Class: 455458 | 34000351 | 434336 | 434350 | 434351 | 455466 | 455500 | 455508 | 455002
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Free-forming one-way network
Usefulness: Free-forming one-way network
Summary: USE For recording group responses to prompt such as action, question in communication network
Novelty: Free-forming one-way network e.g. for recording group responses to prompt such as action, question in communication network has several wireless transmitters for network participants with each transmitter transmitting short message, in form of short burst
Sub Category
Application Date
16 Jul 1997
Application No.
US 08/895043
Patent Information
US 6289222
ID No.
Hong Kong

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