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Integrated Circuit Optical Detector for Biological Detection一種基于集成電路影像技術和納米不透光顆粒的DNA檢查方法

Conventionally, DNA micro-array based detection systems rely on fluorescence or radioactive methods to discriminate matched and unmatched DNA samples for a given testing probe. These detection methods require expensive external equipment such as UV light source microscope. In addition, the fluorescence and radioactive signal intensity degrade with time and cause large variation in the sampled data.

A new optical DNA detection method using nano-metallic particles and IC imaging chips is now invented. With IC image sensor array and opaque particles, ordinary light is blocked from being detected by the optical sensor. By using this method, no UV light source is required and the result can be directly shown by an output device (such as an LCD display) without human judgment required. This process provides not only a relatively cheaper detection method but also a higher detection sensitivity method.

Moreover, this invention can detect DNA array using IC image sensor without the need of color filter. This can help miniaturization in the development of DNA detection schemes.
Technology Benefits
1. Manufacturable by standard CMOS process offered by common silicon foundries
2. Higher sensitivity and higher density detection system made possible
3. Lower manufacturing cost as expensive and bulky optical equipment are not needed
4. More automated than existing DNA micro-arrays
5. More advanced signal processing technique has been used to perform noise reduction, signal
amplification and background rejection
Technology Application
- DNA detection chip with high density image sensor for fast DNA identification and the nano-opaque
particle labeling protocol, thus for use in
(a) DNA-based Disease Analysis
(b) DNA-based Patient Diagnosis
(c) DNA-based Virus Monitoring System
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7585664B2
Application Number: US2004965270A
Inventor: Chan, Mansun | Li, Jiong | Wang, Yijin | Lu, Zuhong
Priority Date: 14 Oct 2004
Priority Number: US7585664B2
Application Date: 14 Oct 2004
Publication Date: 8 Sep 2009
IPC Current: C12M000100 | A01N000100 | A01N000102 | C12M000134 | C12M000300 | C12Q000170
US Class: 4352872 | 43500611 | 4352831 | 4353094 | 435006
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Integrated circuit optical detector for biological detection
Usefulness: Integrated circuit optical detector for biological detection
Summary: The detector is useful for biological sample detection.
Novelty: Integrated circuit optical detector for biological sample detection, has photodiode array converting optical signal to electrical signal, and integrated circuit for processing and outputting electrical signal
Sub Category
Medical Device
Application Date
14 Oct 2004
Application No.
US 10/965270
Patent Information
US 7585664
ID No.
Hong Kong

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